The Smiling Cook presents a large range of fresh frozen pasta and pasta sauces.


All pasta of The Smiling Cook is perfectly cooked "al dente", IQF deep frozen and packaged in convenient 2 or 2.5 kg bags, in 5 kg boxes or in 200 and 300 g portion packs and therefore ready for use. Compact nests for string pasta only offer advantages: firmer, less breakage, smaller packaging (1 x 5 kg) and longer strings. Ideal for brasseries, pubs and restaurants that always quickly want to serve equal portions "al dente" pasta.


All sauces of The Smiling Cook are ready to use and have a long shelf life without refrigeration due to a sterilization process during the preparation of our sauces. You can heat the closed pouches in a microwave, combisteamer or in hot water.