Our fresh-frozen pasta is manufactured on fully automated production lines in order to ensure our customer a consistent top quality convenience product.


1. Fresh dough

The pasta dough is freshly prepared by mixing the durum wheat semolina with the other basic ingredients such as water and salt, and possibly, depending on the type of pasta, with eggs (for the taste and the color). This mixture is moulded until a homogeneous mass is obtained. This homogeneous dough is then moulded again and again in thin layers. This distributes better the water and avoids any lumps in the dough.


2. Shape

The pasta dough is then transported into different presses with openings and forms depending on the desired type of pasta.


3. Cooking “al dente”

The fresh pasta is then perfectly cooked “al dente” and lightly sprinkled with vegetable oil to prevent sticking during the regeneration.


4. Portioning and flash freezing

Long pasta is then portioned at the desired weight and immediately deep frozen. Short pasta is individually quick frozen (IQF).